About The Directory

One of the most important aspects of successful job hunting is to have an authentic and reliable contact base of placement agencies that is relevant and useful. Placement Consultants are valuable for job seekers also because it is their job to find you a job.

What does the Jobnet's Directory Of Placement Firms Contain?

  • The directory contains a database or recruitment firms in India and abroad that specialize in hiring in different fields.
  • It is a comprehensive list of firms which comes both in print and online versions. – All directories contain updated, authenticated information which is updated daily and available online.
  • The print and E- editions have 4 specialized directories- India & International, All India and 2 regional directories.
  • The All India Version which contacts firms from all over India in 51 cities as well as recruitments that handle recruitments abroad. – It provides phone numbers, emails, addressess and specializations of hundreds of recruitment firms.

How will the directory help me?

  • 96 percent of vacancies in the job market are not advertised. They are serviced through Placement Consultants. Consultants don’t advertise a vacancy if they have candidates available in their existing database.
  • If you want access to this world of job openings you must get onto the database of these placement firms so that when they are looking for a suitable candidate with your profile, your resume is available.
  • The Jobnet’s Directory gives addresses, telephone numbers, emails, websites etc to enable you to contact Placement Agencies directly.
  • Updates for the directory are dynamic and ongoing. Anytime you access the Jobnet’s Directory online you will always get the latest updates on contact details.

How should I use the Directory?

  • Using the directory has never been more convenient. The directory provides a city wise index which lists the contact information of various firms that specialize in different fields in those cities, which allows you to contact them directly.
  • The e-version must be installed on your computer after you purchase it and get an installation code. You can download it from here. It allows you to shortlist consultants based on two parameters, specialization and city.
  • The Jobnet programme will then give a list of consultants based on your parameters with their complete contact details allowing you to contact them directly and get into their database. For example if you want consultants specializing in sales and marketing in delhi, the program will give you a complete list of such consultants along with complete contact details.

Job Hunting At Your Convenience.

  • You can go online anytime and have instant access to information that is updated regularly. The Jobnet’s Directory allows you to use it anytime to call or send emails to placement consultants.
  • You can even download the Jobnet Directory on your computer. You can opt for either an online version or for a print edition with free online access.
  • Many Job seekers have problems relating to job hunting because they are at locations with no internet access. You may be blocked or have limited access to the internet at your office location. Or you may have privacy problems because you cannot job hunt while sitting around other people who can see what you are doing. The printed version of the Directory solves this problem and can be delivered to your house confidentially.

Find Placement Firms with their geographic specializations / the cities / countries they are handling

  • If you are looking for a job in a particular city, region or country then it is important to know the geographic specialization of a consultant.
  • Some placement companies handle recruitment across India or some may be handling only a city or state. Some may be doing recruitments worldwide while some may handle only a specific country or many countries.
  • The directory mentions this specifically with each placement firm. You can choose what suits you best in relation to your preference of the regions / cities / countries where you would like to work and only choose those consultants that handle your location preferences.

Find Placement Firms with their Industry / Job specializations

  • The Jobnet Directory gives with each Placement Firm information on what type of jobs, categories and industries they are servicing.
  • You should be contacting only the agencies who handle the type of companies you are looking out for or by the job function relevant to you.
  • There is a provision for an online search and selection by specialization or industry which you can choose and you will get a list accordingly.