• Should I send my resume by email?
    First find out how the placement wants your resume. Call or send an email to find out. They may prefer hard copies of resumes, personal visits or a telephone screening. Keep that in mind. 
  • Should I follow up on my email ?
    Definitely. Check if your resume has been received. Send a mail or call to confirm.
  • Why do many placement companies not respond to emails even when they ask for it?
    Many reasons. They may not have a vacancy for you . Or probably they have not had the time to read it (they do receive great volumes of resumes every day). Many are not organized or even effectively computerized. Many just file a resume till they need it. 
  • Why do emails of placement firms tend to bounce so much?Some may actually decide to change their emails. Firms who use individual Ids of employees discard it when the employee resigns. E-mail boxes of Placement Firms tend to get full frequently. Don’t assume that the email address is wrong — TRY AGAIN. If nothing works give them a call to get their new email ID 
  • Should I do mass mailing?
    It’s best to keep your job hunting private. If you are sending your resume to more than one Placement Firm, DO NOT USE CC or BCC. The best way is to send individual mails. Bulk emails are read as spam by many servers.
  • Should I use a blaster service to cover Placement agencies?No Placement Firm likes to deal with a mass circulated resume. Exclusivity of candidate is their coveted strength.
  • Are Placement Firms really useful?
    Yes, they are. 80% of vacancies all over the world are processed through Placement firms.
  • How do I know if a Placement Firm is suitable for me?
    The specialization of each firm is given. Specialisations are given by industry or by job function. Start with these, and also cover those who handle all categories and industries. They may also have jobs relating to your specialization.
  • How do I get a job in a location of my choice?
    Most consultants work on an all India basis (unless otherwise mentioned), so don’t limit your search to agencies in your choice of city. For example, a Mumbai consultant may have vacancies in Bangalore, or a Bangalore consultant may have vacancies in Mumbai.
  • Do Placement Firms charge money from Job seekers?
    Some do, some don’t. The information is mentioned for each firm.
  • Are Placement firms who offer free services to job seekers better than those who charge?
    There is no such rule.
  • How do I know if a Placement firm is good or reliable?
    There is no way to judge, unless you use them. The ones who give you good interview opportunities are those that matter.
  • There are many big sized and well known placement firms. Are they better than others?
    There is only one way to judge – do they give you interview opportunities?
  • What do I do with a Placement Agency that never responds to me?
    No Placement Agency will respond to you unless you fit into a current job vacancy that they have.
  • Should I follow up with a placement firm?
    Yes. But not too frequently. Don’t pester.
  • What does the other data under each agency imply ?
    The other indicators given in this directory like age, branches, overseas connections etc, is mostly for the benefit of companies who want to hire placement firms. Even that does not imply the quality of resources or services. The placement service is governed by timing and availability.


Important Note

Keep a separate email Id for jobhunting..
Clear emails boxes frequently.
Never ever change your email address. Placement Firms get back to you whenever they have a vacancy, which may not necessarily be when you want them to. Leave your lines of communication intact.