Jobseekers must ensure that their CV is constantly updated as per emerging market trends and standards and should effectively say to recruiters/ hiring managers -“Hey, I am the best candidate for the job“. Here is what your CV should broadly contain and look like in 2022 to ensure that it gets you noticed by recruiters:


  • Your CV must begin with a synopsis of a) who you are, b) how much experience you have and c) what sort of work you are primarily handling.
  • This should come right on top – it is a glimpse of what your CV contains. The recruiter should read the overview and say – “This candidate fits the profile”.
  • Do NOT include a career objective – it has fallen out of use. Including one reflects poorly on your ability to understand job-market trends.
  • Tailor your overview/summary according to the vacancy you are applying to as much as possible.
  • Understand what the role entails – and ensure you emphasize those attributes that show that you will fit the role.


  • Your CV must contain a brief history of your employment in reverse chronological order.
  • Avoid listing routine job functions in too much detail.
  • Focus of the functions you have handled that match the job that you are currently applying for.
  • Don’t let you CV exceed 3 pages. It should ideally be two pages.


  • Routine job responsibilities you manage are not what employers look for. The employer wants to know what you accomplished. Employers like to see quantifiable achievements on resumes – use facts and numbers to show how you positively contributed to a company.
  • Don’t list all your achievements together – each job mentioned in your experience section should also have a corresponding achievements section showing what you achieved at that particular job.


  • Your CV should be simple and sober.
  • Don’t use more than one colour (other than black and white) on your CV. The colour you use should not be too loud and bright.
  • Make sure the formatting is consistent.
  • Do not try to insert fancy designs and graphics which distracts attention from the text.
  • Decide what you wish to show in your resume and find a brief way to say it. Use brief sentences that describe your roles and responsibilities. Lengthy sentences are boring to read and the recruiters may lose interest or patience while reading it.
  • Simple language is easier for the recruiters to comprehend – fancy words which force the recruiter to reach for a dictionary are not going to take your candidature very far.
  • Minimize the use of industry specific jargon that a recruiter may not be familiar with.
  • Use a simple font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. These are fonts that are available on most computers, so are easy to open. Also they look near and tidy.
  •  Use a font size that’s readable – 10 to 12 points works best. Use bold and italics only to highlight job titles.


  • Your CV must list your phone number and e-mail details at the very top. This allows recruiters to contact you easily if they think you are right for the job.
  • Your Address and your LinkedIn can be listed at the bottom of your CV.


  • Don’t include marital status, exact place of residence, photograph, hobbies and religion . It might lead to unconscious discrimination – and it is unnecessary for the hiring process.


  • Save your resume as a PDF, so you won’t have to worry about the formatting of your word documents getting distorted or the recruiter seeing blanks.
  • Unless the employer requires a different format, send a PDF so your resume opens exactly as you want it to look – on any system.


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