5 Hidden Defects That You Must Remove From Your CV

The job seeker today has the advantage of easy access to information and advice on how to make a good CV. This however only covers basics and obvious mistakes to watch out for.

What job seekers also have to do is to watch out for is the little errors that creep into a CV and can cause it to get rejected. Here are 5 hidden flaws on your CV that must be identified and removed immediately:-

Defect 1: Not showing that you are fit for the next level of seniority.

Whenever you search for a job, you are looking for a better job, more responsibilities with a better salary – but does your CV show that you deserve it?

You must express and word your achievements in the current role to prove to recruiters that you are capable of handling a more complex role with more responsibilities.

You can show this by highlighting your ability to handle a certain volume of work or your ability to manage resources and people.

For example- saying that you managed a sales team and sales operations does not project anything. But saying that you manage a team of 10 sales executives and 30 channel sales partners will show your leadership and managerial abilities.

Defect 2: Revealing personal information that may be misinterpreted

Be careful about giving personal data that can lead a recruiter to arrive at the wrong conclusions. This is because certain facts may make recruiters think that the candidate is a potential problem case.

For Example, giving details about your marital status, kids and dependents may give recruiters the feeling you maybe unwilling to relocate or that your work may suffer due to frequent family demands.

Also, personal data may open you up to unconscious biases which the recruiters may have. Instead, keep your CV focused on your professional skills and achievements – not your personal or family life.

Defect 3: Labeling yourself by stating the kind of job and position you are seeking.

Avoid putting an objective or mentioning what kind of job or position you want on your CV. It is dangerous. A recruiter or a hiring manager will tend to look at specific factors for short listing. If your objective does not match their requirements, you will get rejected.

Give a short summary of your experience instead on the top of your CV highlighting your professional profile.

Defect 4: Including justifications and explanations on the CV

Do not give unnecessary justifications and explanations on your CV.

For Example saying, “I have a gap because I was on maternity leave”, “I got retrenched”, “The company closed down”, “I got a much better job offer”, “I took a sabbatical” – is not necessary. It points to a problem in your career record.

Avoid doing this as it shifts the focus unnecessarily. A working professional does not need to make excuses or justify anything.

Focus instead on strengthening your current job and the one previous to that. Companies will hire you if you are useful to them, not just on the basis of a great continuity record.

Defect 5: Listing Too Many Achievements

Job seekers tend to make never ending lists of achievements that span their career.

This is counter-productive. Listing too many achievements distracts from your core message and strengths. Recruiters will get bored and skip through the section. Instead, focus on your most important achievements only.


It is the small defects and bugs that we overlook in our CV that can cause serious harm.

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