How to not to be liked at your workplace

The following agenda if followed meticulously is guaranteed to bomb blast your career into smithereens.

Hate those Monday morning blues, the chartered bus, traffic, office coffee, the boss and the depressing work pressures? That is simply great. Focus on your hate. Delete all good thoughts about your work, colleagues and bosses. Get a huge negative attitude. It will create enough bad vibrations to make people avoid you.

No body will ask you to be part of a team that is trying to reach some stupid company goal. Maybe your boss will even ask you what your personal agenda is in the company?

Which is good . Then you can tell your boss how you are superior to your colleagues. Most people do not like pompous assholes. Even if you are excellent at you job no one will like to work with someone like you.Because they prefer likeable people, who possess good people skills.

So let us work on destroying those people skills.

This is hard work.

Communication is the most important factor which needs to be destroyed.

Keep all telephones and emails ignored and keep people out of your room by telling them how busy you are.

Next, stop listening. When some one talks to you try recalling the murder serial you saw last night or work on your next sentence. Avoid listening.

Listening will cause only trouble. It forces you to not only to listen but to understand what is not being said ,like the emotions of the speaker. You have to listen not only with your ears but your mind.

And if you do that, not only will you get tired, you will be making the mistake to building a relationship with the person who is talking to you. Worse, if you pay attention it will convey that you respect and care for the other person. Possibly that other person may even begin to like you.

This is how it can be avoided.

To kill interaction never ask any questions.Especially questions that that improve your understanding and comprehension about what a person is trying to convey. Questions like – Is this how you felt ? What made you reach this decision? How did you handle the reaction you got from him? How did you react? What do you want? How do you want it done?

If you find yourself still not being ignored then there are other things that can be done.Gossip is an excellent way to create bad vibes. Pick on people who work hard or those who are popular. Crack jokes on their dress or behaviour.Also jokes that target religion are good because they hurt.Mass mail jokes on your bosses. Flirt with the pretty secretary and use the office as a means to improving your dating circles. Try to seduce your boss if possible.

Follow these guidelines and not only will you get thrown out of your job in record time you will also get a wonderful reputation of being an obnoxious person.And if you get lucky the word will spread around and no one will give you a job offer – ever.

Is’nt that what you want?

Please read the box .This gives a list of qualities that mark a good worker . You should steer clear away from it if you want to create a negative aura about yourself.

Characteristics of a good worker

A good worker is good at his /her job. This means that even if they change the organizations they work for they are able to consistently maintain their quality of work as well as their efficiency.

They maintain their level of efficiency because learning is part of their nature. Not only do they observe and absorb they also make an effort to learn, to upgrade skills and remove their handicaps and shortcomings. They do not make excuses for not being good at what they do.

They are dependable. They do not bunk work and tent to meet their deadlines. Bosses and colleagues trust and depend on them.

Good workers are efficient because they are finding new ways to innovate. To find new levels of improvement and better methods to improve their quality of work.

They are not clock watchers. They do not make a show of working late to please the boss either but their focus is on efficiency and doing their job well. Dead lines are met even at the cost of a burn out.

Good workers are not average, they stand out as better than others. They like their jobs, ( even if sometimes they do not like their bosses or even their organisation )They are focused on doing a job well .

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