How scientific do Job-seekers have to get ?

Earning a livelihood today is not about knowing, guessing the answers or figuring it all out.

The parameters are changing and we are in a brave new world with an awareness that we are not being brave at all.

The Indian Job seeker faces many dilemmas today.

Am I intelligent enough to know what to do?Do I have to swallow poison to prove that I am scientific and practical?In all this crap I am lost and how best not to show it to others?

The list is long…

Perhaps the Indian Job seeker needs to focus less on what to do or not do.

Maybe the solutions lie in understanding that the uncharted seas are not the problem, but the inability to navigate uncharted seas is what the problem is in these alien waters.

But no one else, even the experts know how to.

Hey, we do not have to be good to get, we do not have to be perfect not to lose what we can manage to get!

Livelihoods and jobs are about what we can give, if only we can find someone who we can give it to.

Easier said than done, Job hunting is not about knowing the technology of finding jobs. It is also about figuring out what needs to be figured out and what does not.

But in this entire exercise one needs to realize that the handicap of not knowing how to get jobs is not personal but about hitting the right combination…

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