How To Get A Job Through Placement Agencies

Placement Consultants earn their revenue from their clients after placement of a suitable candidate with their client company.

The placement agency will wade through over a 1000 CVs, sometimes before they shortlist 5 – 10 resumes and send them to the client for preliminary approval.

Interviews will be arranged based on the client’s selection from the CVs sent to them.

What chance do you have of being shortlisted? How do you beat the competition?

You have to ensure that your CV projects your expertise in a professional manner. Remember, a recruiter spends no more than 10 to 30 seconds to decide whether you are suitable for a job.

Your CV must also have a concise cover letter that effectively distills your achievements into 2 to 3 brief paragraphs.

You must ensure your CV reaches the concerned person carrying out the recruitment process for the client. You must then establish a personal rapport with the recruiter so that they remember you as a person with the expertise that is being sought. Do not just mail your CV – pick up the phone and speak to the recruiter. Remember, a good recruiter will ALWAYS speak with you.

It is essential for all recruiters to shortlist suitable candidates who they think will fit into the post. This they do by one or more of the following methods:

1) Placement Consultants use their own database – become a part of it.
When people apply for vacancies to recruiters, they keep the resume, even if the applicant is not fitting the requirement that is being advertised. Therefore, it is a must if you’re a job seeker to keep applying to different recruiters. Recruiters usually have lots of resumes which they keep receiving. They often go through their databases when their requirements change. Thus, sending your resume to recruiters can have long term results, and if you aren’t contacted immediately, it shouldn’t worry you.

Placement Consultants post vacancies on Job websites and portals – search and apply.
They post vacancies on job websites and portals. Applying through portals in very important if you’re searching for a job. Sometimes there is no other way of finding an opening other than through consultant portals.
You must browse through job portals on a regular basis to filter out current vacancies that may apply to you. You should apply online, and you must contact the consultant directly to follow up on your online application.

3) Placement Consultants headhunt through social media – be social!
Social media has a become a prime ground for searching for candidates. This is why nearly all advice revolves around strengthening your social media presence. If you are searching for a job, you must make sure your social media accounts are professional and reflect your skills.
Linkedin is a major resource for job hunting today. Your linkedin profile should be like your resume, it should portray your key skills and your activity should reflect you are a professional. The linkedin profile picture should be also be appropriate, like a picture you would use in your CV.
Applying through various groups and posts on linkedin can indeed land you a job if you fit their requirement and they are impressed by your profile.
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