How To Write A Powerful Resume

The amazing fact is that a powerful resume is within everyone’s reach. Yours too!
Most people believe that resumes need to profound and magical. The truth is that the most powerful resume is always the simplest in expression and format.

A powerful resume must connect: –
Most of us are under the false impression that the boss who is hiring is the one who needs to be impressed. That usually happens at a later stage. Resumes are read by many people who are just part of a process of hiring- like the junior Kid who is given a pile of applications and a job description and told to pick the best 5 out of a 100 resumes. Or it may be a placement firm who has a list of possible candidates who fit in and has to pick the best in terms of availability and suitability. So the resume which is clear in presenting what the job description defines is the one that connects.

A powerful resume can be understood: –
If the people who are shortlisting are either placement firms or HR people armed with a job description, then, you better make sure that everyone understands it. So just littering it with jargon or keywords will not help. There is a human being who is reading your resume and if your resume is not clear on expertise, then the natural tendency is to move to the next- After all in a populated country like India when it comes to applications there is plenty to choose from.

A powerful resume is clear on showing your expertise: –
This is the toughest part of writing a resume. Expertise is not about lengthy descriptions or self praise. It is about your actual work. So if you decide to write your resume- ask yourself this question- why should they hire me? That is what must be shown in your resume in precise, simple language.
A powerful resume has a good design.This is important because presentation is important. A good design format can make a CV stand out from a pile of applications. It does not bore you. The recruiter should not have to scroll forever without getting to the point. Most importantly – It presents your expertise where it is easily visible.

A powerful resume is updated: –
The most terrible thing that you can do to yourself is to do a shoddy job on updating your CV. Updating does not mean just adding on data, it means changing your entire presentation. The current job is most important, but all other aspects must have a good representational balance too.

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