Placement Firms — The Key To Successful Job Hunting.

One of the most important aspects of successful job hunting is to have an authentic and reliable contact base of placement agencies that is relevant and useful.

96 percent of vacancies in the job market are not advertised. They are serviced through Placement Consultants. Consultants don’t advertise a vacancy if they have candidates available in their existing database.

As a job seeker you must be aware that unless you reach the Placement Consultants who are handling the kind of jobs you are targeting, the whole exercise of applying through them becomes a waste of time.

You need to contact suitable placement firms and get into their database so when they are looking for a suitable candidate with your profile, your resume is available.

Suitable placement consultants are those who are dealing with the type of jobs and companies that you are trying to target and are also are handling your preferences for postings in specific cities in India or Overseas.

Placement Consultants are valuable for jobseekers also because it is their job to find you a job. They provide valuable feedback on you weaknesses, your resume shortcomings and what to do to succeed in an interview with their client. Because if you get a job with their client they win as well.

This is why it is so important to have a comprehensive database of placement firms which specialize in different fields. This is exactly what the Jobnet’s Directory of Placement Firms does. It provides information on various specialised Placement Consultants in India and Overseas. It is provides an updated list of placement consultants in 52 cities in India & 26 countries with contact details & specializations in print as well as an online version.

The Jobnet’s Job Directory has been a trusted name amongst Jobseekers for 12 years. There are many reasons for this.

1) Job Hunting At Your Convenience.

You can go online anytime and have instant access to information that is updated regularly. The Jobnet’s Directory allows you to use it anytime to call or send emails to placement consultants. You can even download the Jobnet Directory on your computer. You can opt for either an online version or for a print edition with free online access.

Many Jobseekers have problems relating to jobhunting because they are at locations with no internet access. You may be blocked or have limited access to the internet at your office location. Or you may have privacy problems because you cannot jobhunt while sitting around other people who can see what you are doing.

The printed version of the Directory solves this problem and can be delivered to your house confidentially.

2) Find Placement Firms with their Industry / Job specializations

The Jobnet Directory gives with each Placement Firm information on what type of jobs, categories and industries they are servicing.

You should be contacting only the agencies who handle the type of companies you are looking out for or by the job function relevant to you. There is a provision for an online search and selection by specialization or industry which you can choose and you will get a list accordingly.

3) Find Placement Firms with their geographic specializations / the cities / countries they are handling

If you are looking for a job in a particular city, region or country then it is important to know the geographic specialization of a consultant. Some placement companies handle recruitment across India or some may be handling only a city or state.

Some may be doing recruitments worldwide while some may handle only a specific country or many countries. The directory mentions this specifically with each placement firm.

You can choose what suits you best in relation to your preference of the regions / cities / countries where you would like to work and only choose those consultants that handle your location preferences.

4) Placement Firms with “Terms of Service” for Jobseekers

Every Jobseeker needs to know if the services that a placement firm offers them is free or has charges involved so that they can exercise a choice.

The majority of placement firms offer free services for jobseekers. There are many who also have various charges and registration fees. With each Placement Firm in the Directory this is mentioned, so the jobseeker has a option to choose or reject a placement firm.

5) Placement Firms with their contact details

The Jobnet’s Directory gives addresses, telephone numbers, emails, websites etc to enable you to contact Placement Agencies directly.

These are updated details but there are times when a contact detail may change, so to counteract this problem, multiple contact details are given so that somehow or the other the jobseeker is able to reach and contact agencies. You can also contact us directly for updated information that you seek.

Updations for the directory are dynamic and ongoing. Anytime you access the Jobnet’s Directory online you will always get the latest updates on contact details.
Successful job hunting is in your hands. How & where you apply matters. Choose your job sources and placement firms intelligently.

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Lima Sehgal is Publisher, Author and Career Solutions Specialist. 

Put The Sparkle In Your Resume!

A good resume is one that gets you results. Most of us tend to forget the purpose of a CV. It is not supposed to be a record or an autobiography and certainly not a report.

A winning resume targets the specific type of company and jobs you are applying for. You have to “Present Yourself” as special to get a winning edge over others. A CV needs to point out a direction and lead the hiring person to say – “This person has what the company needs for the job – This person should be interviewed”.

A Winning resume is best defined as a communication missile.
Follow these guidelines while making your CV…to get successful results in your job hunt.

1) Winning Resumes are Precise
The mistake that most jobseekers tend to make is they treat their CV like a career biography. They give details on everything they are doing and handling during their career. They go into detailing on how good they are by explaining their qualities, for example- hard work or team management. They give facts and figures on awards they have won.

Mentioning everything that you have done in great detail makes a CV boring to read and very difficult to find the information that the hirer is looking for.
CVs should be 1-2 pages long and definitely not exceed 3 pages.
Keep your description of job functions brief and relevant to what you are handling for that particular company.

2) Winning Resumes are Factual
Most jobseekers explain in great detail all the job functions they are handling. Most of it is usually unnecessary. Most Job functions are standard- for example most sales people sell a product or a service. So there is no need to say “I handle sales and product promotion”, instead what has to be told is what you sell, how you sell and where you sell.

Getting factual about your responsibilities makes it easier to present your expertise. For example – I handle employee administration means nothing to a person reading it. But I manage 20 employees or 3000 employees’ gives a better picture. Or I handle production means nothing- But production of steel, medicines, chocolates? That gives the picture.
The facts do not have to be impressive in any way. They are needed to give an actual picture about the job functions you handle. It shows the real work you do.

3) Winning Resumes are focused on achievements
Self praise is poor taste in CV writing. Emphasizing on how great you are means nothing unless you can prove it. Every achievement has to be backed with facts and figures. Avoid saying – I greatly increased sales during my tenure instead, say -Increased sales by 45%, or 3 lakhs.

Achievements are not only about the great things done for which the company promoted or awarded you. It is also about the things that you introduced or about how you did a job that you were supposed to do in an efficient manner which resulted in a benefit for the company.

4) Winning Resumes are logically laid out
Remember the Formula- Current Job First and First Job Last.
Companies are interested in knowing what you are doing now, your level of seniority, your recent activities and achievements.

Usually there is a tendency to read a bit at the beginning of a resume and skip the rest if the resume is not relevant. So make sure that all the important facts that you want to show is well presented at the top and in the front page.

5) Winning Resumes are visually easy to read and grammatically correct.
All points should be bulleted. Long, scrolling data is difficult to read. There must be spaces where required. It should not be jammed with data and must have visual breaks. That is possible by choosing a good design format.

Check for accuracy in content, spelling and grammar. This is very important. It shows that you care for a good presentation and impression and that you possess the intelligence to use the grammar & spell check facility on your computer. It also projects attention to detail.

Remember your CV must be formal, yet attractive. Stay clear of all fancy graphics and loud colors. A good International format will give you an edge over other competing CVs.


Sometimes it is difficult view your resume as other people see it when you apply for a job.
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Lima Sehgal is Publisher, Author and Career Solutions Specialist.