Dad’s Job seeking Hind-sights?

Wisdom about job hunting technologies, like most wisdom, is about hindsight.

Should it be so?

Enough of philosophy. Let’s get to the facts!

What exactly is the innovative methodology prevalent amongst Indian job seekers today?

One discovers that it is quite the same as Dad’s.
Our approach to the problem is too singular. We have no systematic guidance for imparting survival skills to our kids. We are so embarrassed about our own inadequacies relating to effective job hunting that we would rather leave it to a host of vocational and educational experts who don’t have a clue on what kind of fangs, claws, and incisors are needed.

We cling to the archaic – even our expressions haven’t changed with time. We still talk about getting into a job rather than absorbing the reality of changing jobs throughout a lifetime.

It’s time we realized that when children fall off their cribs, they hurt their bums, but falling off the roller coaster is totally a different deal.

The parameters of survival in the corporate jungle requires much more than the “Learn While you Earn” attitude we so proudly propagate.

I am not a pessimist, or even a youth enthusiast, but it does turn my stomach when I see how we churn out millions every year from an educational system without an iota of education on job hunting skills.

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