Indian 5-Star Gourmet Job Hunting

Putting cooking ingredients on a platter does not create gourmet.

Given today’s job market conditions, it may be wiser to dump the chef.

Too many help services, with too little help. The resume blasters, spot lighters, locators, the career fairs, customized career designers and other such services that promise deep sea hunting and fishing in the Tsunamic oceans of the job market…

Job seekers agree that, ultimately, what counts is zeroing in on the interview and, of course, being invited to it.

It is surprising that in spite of the growth of placement firms over the past decade, the Indian job seeker is still ignorant on how to use them effectively. Either, one chooses to indiscriminately to send a CV to all, or else choose to shortlist the one or two our best friend recommends.

What works is not the right pickings of placement firms, but an effective understanding of the workings of the placement industry — vis-a-vis 1) their clients (e.g. why it may be necessary to apply to a placement firm in Bangalore or Mumbai if we are keen on a posting in Delhi) 2) their vendors (e.g. why placement firms are hesitant to use resumes that come through the blaster services of job websites).

So, how about a home cooked meal cooked in your own pressure cooker?

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